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Royal Palace


Operating since 2003, Mony's Web site offers an array of research findings and promotion of Khmer music in memory of the 1950's to 70s. The Khmer memories are based on architectural design and music. During the 1950's until 70s, Cambodian music and architectural design reached a new height since the Angkor era.

In the spirit of preserving the unique ideas of that music, I tried to transcribe them into full and compressed musical scores as well as simulated MP3 recording using the latest technology I can afford. Please check the music link frequently because those notation and recording should update anytime when I can find new technology or new researched idea. When more and more musical ideas are documented, I hope that future generation of researchers and scholars can understand more about Cambodian culture, and Cambodian can integrate well in the globalized world.

Among the Cambodian music of the 1960s, there are also music composed by His Majesty Norodom Sihanouk, former King of Cambodia, who is regarded by the Cambodian people as the Father of Independence as he led the crusade for the cause of Cambodian Independence. He is also respectfully regarded as the Father of Cambodian Music as he was and still is the champion, supporter as well as leader of the Cambodian way of musical composition. His achievement deserves attention and preservation. Please click this link to find his piano music that I transcribed into midi and electronic music scores.


Cambodian Musical instruments during the 1960s

During the 1960s, Cambodian musical orchestra were a mixed of western and indigenous instruments. Some musical concerts were played by both instruments and others were played solely by western instruments which mostly consist of woodwind, brass and bass guitar. Others were played solely by indigenous instruments but with a clear musical theory. The theme songs in various movies were usually added by an oboe or trumpet, with nuances from musician to produce sound similar to the Cambodian reed instruments called Sralai. The Cambodian musicians are very skill at making nuances. The Sralai are usually played within the Cambodian traditional orchestra called Pin Piet, that accompanies the Khmer Remkea, the play based on the Ramayana style.