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Royal Palace


Welcome to Mony's Web, a dedicated hub preserving the golden era of Khmer music from the 1950s to the 70s. Operating since 2003, our mission is to meticulously research, document, and promote the rich cultural heritage encapsulated in the architectural design and music of Cambodia during this remarkable period.

In the vibrant spirit of preservation, we've painstakingly transcribed these musical gems into comprehensive scores and crafted simulated MP3 recordings using cutting-edge technology. As a fervent advocate for continuous improvement, we regularly update our musical archives, ensuring that our notations and recordings evolve with the latest technological advancements and research breakthroughs.

Please check the music link frequently because those notation and recording should update anytime when I can find new technology or new researched idea.

Explore our music links frequently to discover the timeless melodies that echo the heights reached by Cambodian music and architecture, reminiscent of the grandeur of the Angkor era. Through these endeavors, we aspire to provide a wealth of knowledge for future generations of researchers and scholars, fostering a deeper understanding of Cambodian culture and its integration into our globalized world.

Among the treasures of Cambodian music from the 1960s lies compositions by His Majesty Norodom Sihanouk, the revered Father of Independence. As a stalwart leader in the fight for Cambodian Independence, he is equally celebrated as the Father of Cambodian Music. We invite you to explore his piano compositions, expertly transcribed into midi and electronic music scores, showcasing a musical legacy deserving of both attention and preservation.

Please click this link to find his piano music that I transcribed into midi and electronic music scores.


Cambodian Musical instruments during the 1960s

Step back into the 1960s, where Cambodian musical orchestras embraced a fusion of Western and indigenous instruments. Our exploration reveals a captivating blend of woodwind, brass, and bass guitar alongside indigenous instruments, each with a distinct musical theory. Experience the nuanced soundscapes created by skilled musicians, as oboes and trumpets add a unique flavor reminiscent of the Cambodian reed instruments known as Sralai. Dive into the world of Cambodian traditional orchestras, such as Pin Piet, accompanying the Khmer Remkea—a captivating play inspired by the Ramayana style.

Thank you for joining us on this musical journey through time. Together, let's keep the legacy of Cambodian music alive and resonant for generations to come.